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Matsumoto Hiroya in Go-Busters

I didn't see anything about this on here so I figured I'd let you guys in on it lol. Matsumoto Hiroya has gone back to his Super Sentai roots, he just debuted in episode 15 of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters as Jin Masato/Beet Buster. As of right now he's the most awesome character on the show and that's after only one episode lol. Everyone should check him out!

[Sale] Everything must go!

Hi there~!

I am currently staying at home in Germany, but will be travelling back to Japan on Friday.
It might be on short notice, maybe TOO SHORT of a notice, but I would like to sell some of my old treasures.
Please have a look!

- Dai-chan's (Watanabe Daisuke, to be clear XD) first photobook "Prologue"
- Likewise, Dai-chan's DVD "With The Wind", including the post card set
- Pamphlet: The Imperial Presence Hyotei feat. Higa
- Pamphlet: Air Gear Musical (The very first one)
- Pamphlet: Air Gear Musical Super Range Remix

- Pamphlet: Koutetsu Sangokushi (including Miyano Mamoru, Gomoto Naoya, BLEACH's Tachibana and Kuri)
- 100% Air Gear Photobook

Please name a price you are comfortable with.
I will ship internationally as well.
Shipping has to be paid by the buyer.
Payment will be made through Paypal, I will bear the fees.

Please contact me via PN or comment on this thread! Thanks for reading. ^_-


BeachUni ~a multi-fandom RP~

Welcome to Beach University, High School and Middle School.

Students from all over are joining the new school Umikani Gakuen, that stretches all from middle school up to university. It's already having a good reputation and has recruited top teachers from all around the world. It's already popular, what with the good education and the closeness to the beach with its white sand that lies just ahead.
Every student and teacher stays in the dorms, that is divided into four houses, one for each department; middle school, high school, university and teacher dorms.Though the teachers live in a dorm as well, it is a bit away from the student dorms, so that everyone gets some form of privacy. The students are not allowed to leave campus, but they don't know just how hard it would be to try. There is a town within the fences, that the students are allowed to visit whenever they do not have classes. There they can look at clothes, animals, visit cafés, the library, the cinema or the arcade and a lot of other things to keep them entertained.

beachuni  is a multi-fandom AU-RP, so you are entirely free to change people's ages if you so wish. Come join us whenever you want.

The RP is officially opened at  April 1st, with the start of the new school term and year, but you can start as early as you want, of course.



Need Help

I am trying to wrtie a fic with Macbeth and Hamlet as the main pairing, but everytime I get started, I end up getting stuck and stoping the fic. Basicaly I want pointless fluff/smut and for Romeo to be like, "WTF? That's not in my scerino." I can show you what I have if anyone is willing to help. Thanks. Sidney <3

P.S. Also, would anyone like to do maily Macbeth/Hamlet roleplay, I'm game. Um, that's all...for now. Thank you.


I thought I would try my hand at some icons. ^_^

Yes, these are work safe. ^_^



ICONS ^_^Collapse )


Shameless pimp.

Hello everyone~!

Just a word to tell you that kennism  came back to life. So fans of KENN, please join to read the latest news, thanks! :D


Hello ^_^ Oh and I have a fic.

I just got into Air Gear, so I checked out the musical and really liked it, especally since Hiroya was in it. ^_^ I really love the Romeo/Juliet paring, so more than likely I will write them. ^_^ I hope you like my fic.

: Juliet's Un-happy Birthday
Author: sidneyfireblood 
Character/Pairing: Juliet, Romeo, Macbeth, Puck, Hamlet Pairings: Romeo/Juliet; Hamlet/Macbeth
Rating: PG
Warnings: Worksafe


Juliet's Un-happy BirthdayCollapse )



sales post

I'm selleing some AG myu photosets (among other stuff) at my journal [info]here


1) I only acept Paypal

2) all prices do NOT include shipping

3) prices are negotiable (just pm me)

4) I ship from Germany

5) any other questions? ask me^^

Thank you for your help


matsumoto hiroya's site?

minna-san! I stumble across this site "http://matsumoto-hiroya.syncl.jp/". I'm not sure if this is matsumoto hiroya's, but it seems that the site just been created because the site is still empty. I really hope it is matsumoto hiroya's blog